Our amazing medical volunteers get things done! Our doctors, nurses and pharmacists, along with support staff save lives - and have profound impacts on communities. Through diagnosis and treatment of current conditions as well as health education, the quality of life in these communities is changed for the better.

Our amazing medical teams get things done.  Our doctors, nurses and pharmacists, along with support staff, save lives….and have profound impacts on communities.  Through diagnosis and treatment of current conditions the quality of life in those communities is changed for the better.

In addition to building and staffing medical clinics or operating mobile clinics, we promote health by educating people about the prevention and treatment of common health problems and diseases.  We also educate local medical professionals in the most up to date medical information and treatments.


EMI has partnered with the Haitian NGO Service International Foundation (SIF) to provide medical teams to the area of Croix-des-Bouquets, near the Haitian capital of Port au Prince.  Many years ago SIF built a medical clinic in Croix-des-Bouquets but unfortunately, due to a lack of finances, the clinic was closed and has not been operating full time for over five years.

Since 2017 medical teams from EMI have travelled to Haiti to work in the clinic.  It ultimately is our goal to have the clinic re-opened full time and return medical service to the 70,000 people in this area. Volunteer medical professionals are sent to work in the clinic for a period of 7 – 10 days, providing primary care to children and families.  In addition, educational classes will be held to teach patients in maternal and child healthcare as well as nutrition.

To learn more about the amazing experiences that happened to our team members and to read their stories, check out Stories:

The Facility

Inside the clinic:

  • clinic-treatment-roomconsulting rooms (3)
  • surgery operating room
  • post-operating room
  • scrub room
  • sterilization room
  • pharmacy rooms (2)
  • laboratory
  • waiting area
  • administration office
  • file room/accounting
  • laundry room
  • dental clinic (2 chairs)


  • laundry room
  • laboratory equipment
  • operating room equipment
  • consulting tables, curtains
  • medical supplies
  • vaccination fridge


In October 2018 we sent a team to work in the clinic for 5 days. We had our first dentist in the clinic with amazing results. The local people were lined up when we arrived each morning all wanting to see the dentist, some for the first time in their lives.

We recently were able to obtain and ship a new generator to the clinic through our partnership with SIF. We hope to see it up and running soon.

Unfortunately, due to the recent political unrest in Haiti, it was decided we would not return in 2019 but are planning on returning November 7 – 14, 2020. 

Join a Team

You can make a major impact in the lives of people who need you. We need doctors, dentists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals as well as support people to work alongside them.  Are you interested in joining the November 7 – 14, 2020 team?  

How Can You Support?

Help us today by making a donation to assist in the purchase of medicines and equipment. For the times that we cannot be there, we would like to finance a team of local Haitian doctors and nurses to operate the clinic for one week in our absence. The cost of this plan would be approximately $3000. Please consider a donation to make this happen! You can help right now.

$50 will provide 6 months of vitamins for a child.

 $100 provides a course of antibiotics for 10 children.

 $500 means that 20 people can visit our clinic and receive medication and vitamins.

$3000 means that the clinic can be operated by a Haitian doctor and nurse for one week when we can’t be there.


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