2nd Clinic Day – El Teljar



Today was another day of driving along narrow streets with walls lining the pathway to our destination where we are met by the lineup of patient locals waiting for healthcare.


We never know who will be there. We never know who we will see. They wait acceptingly and with a smile to meet with a healthcare provider to share their story.

patiients-in-lineWhat struck me today as we were driving were the glimpses into a few of the open doors through the barrier walls along the narrow streets. It was a unknown world behind that closed door…a new view with that open door. If we could only see the “open door” view into the people lives that we meet what would we see?? What world have we entered?



I endeavor to practice the simple ministry of presence today — purposing to be present not knowing their world but caring, loving, and giving with compassion.


Monica Friesen, RN