3rd Clinic Day – Parramos and Antigua

Day 3 in Guatemala saw the team incredibly busy. Today they broke into two teams. A clinic team and a teaching team.img_3719
The amazing medical team were in two communities. The morning saw them in Parramos and the afternoon clinic they worked in Antigua. What has quickly become the norm, the clinics were very busy with people waiting for us prior to our arrival. I cannot emphasize enough how hard the medical team works. It truly is a collaborative team working together well into the late evening to ensure every person who needs to is seen by a medical care provider.
At both locations the logistics of ensuring a streamlined movement of people from registration, through the clinic and onto the pharmacy is accomplished by Lisa and Ken. Their welcoming manner is a blessing to the families in a hot and crowded environment. Great thanks to them both for their work.

Monica Friesen, RN
Monica Friesen, RN

The teaching team taught two sessions on the subjects of paediatric dehydration, newborn care and obstetrical management. Our audience was Guatemalan medics and nursing students.  The morning and afternoon session saw us reaching out to over 120 students and paramedics.



It was rewarding for us to meet the students and other healthcare providers in Guatemala. The high professional standard and drive for knowledge will ensure devoted healthcare individuals for Guatemala.
Having been able to be a part of the Guatemalan healthcare community, even for a short time, is a life experience. I give thanks to the students and paramedics for letting us be part of their learning and work life.


Rebecca McAlpine, NP

EMI Medical Programs Director