A life was saved because we were there.

Today the team made a difference in a tiny young life. The day could have gone much differently for a child and his family if a group of dedicated medical professionals hadn’t taken the time to go and help.

The baby boy was brought to the clinic today in respiratory failure and septic (a serious complication due to infection). He was not just struggling to breathe but stopped breathing altogether several times.


Rebecca and some of the local medical professionals working on the baby in the clinic.



Rebecca and Cheryl had to ventilate the baby (breathe for him using a mask and bag to force air into his lungs), while they desperately tried to find a hospital that would take him. They almost lost him several times before finally delivering him to a hospital that could continue his care. He likely would not have survived the trip to the hospital if not for the team being there.

The latest update was the baby was still alive and has a chance at living because the team was there to help. A huge thanks to the medical professionals who gave their time and travelled to Haiti and to all the people who made a donation to help make this trip happen.

If you are able to donate to help cover the cost of medications and equipment, or to help the next group of people ready to go help, please click on the donate button at the top of the page.