A Little Spit and Polish

In late 2016, two faithful men, Mike Bell and Laurens van der Mark set out to Croix-Des-Bouquets to work at the clinic to see if they could get it ready for medical teams.  And, they did.  We are so grateful for their hard work.  They were able to repair and get on the road, two vehicles, with new tires, new batteries and swapped parts from other vehicles.  When teams come, they can be transported.  One vehicle is a multi-person transporter and the other is a Toyota utility pickup truck which will be ideal for transporting luggage and supplies.  They were also able to repair the backup generator so that when the municipal power goes down (and it does) the clinic and the guest house will still have power. Mr. Marc Lubin, the Haitian Director of SIF, who operates the clinic, hired local people to come in and clean. Mike and Laurens pitched in and even got some painting done.  With everyone’s help, and the donations we received, the clinic is open for business.  Thanks everyone for your generous support.  Lives will be changed.