Amazing Team

The team!

Thursday was a well deserved rest day. Since arriving in Guatemala, the team has worked non-stop. We started the week with a full day preparing to be mobile, then straight into 3 long clinic days. It was good to have a day to rejuvenate as we move into the last few days of our work in Guatemala.

img_3707Team members took time to learn more about the people of Guatemala, specifically Antigua. What a beautiful historical town. Antiqua is a city in Southern Guatemala surrounded by volcanos. Indeed today we heard a great ‘rumble’ from one of the volcanos. Two days ago the same volcano showed some activity by sending smoke into the sky.

I would be remiss if I did not once again share about our exceptional healthcare team. Every member of the team brings so much of themselves, that we are truly greater than our sum. The synergy among the team builds each individual up so that only the very best is exposed.
Everyone demonstrates leadership in action.

Dr. Greg Jeffries

Our hospitalist, Dr. Greg, is the epitome of leadership with humility. He brings so much¬†humanity, caring and dignity to his health care work that it demands others to follow suit, making a difference in the lives of all he comes in contact with. Dr. Greg’s patients benefit from his expertise and we have the privilege to work with him.

Stay tuned for news on our last 2 clinic days.