Closing Time.

Today was our last day. My feet are sore from standing on concrete floors all day. I have been working in the pharmacy and we have seen every patient over the five clinic days. They have been full days; non-stop days. One day, I didn’t even get to the washroom until 4:30. For me, that’s a miracle (and not an everyday miracle). But, all said and done, I am not tired. I am invigorated. I could not have worked with a better team and seeing the smiling faces of these beautiful children helps take your mind off your own problems.

Counting vitamins
Counting vitamins

Working in the pharmacy has given me a new appreciation of the role pharmacists play in our health care system.

Miranda Tawfik Pharmacist
Miranda Tawfik

Miranda, our pharmacist, was amazing in how she was able to partner with the doctors to find a medicinal solution or to find a substitution med when we ran out of the first choice.
So, my feet, they’re not really sore, they’re experienced in a way that could only have been Guatemala.

John Finkbiner EMI Board Chairman
John Finkbiner
EMI Board Chairman