The team has arrived!

Everyone is safe and sound in Guatemala this morning.

“We arrived safe and sound and on time and were met by the Loving Arms people who transported us to Antigua.  All our bags arrived without incident and cleared customs, including the hockey bags containing medical supplies and vitamins.  After a 1 hour drive to Antigua the team checked into the hotel and looked forward to a good night’s sleep.

Today we are going to the Loving Arms Centre to sort medicines, prepare the pharmacy supplies and get ready for the first clinic day.  We will be taking some photos and will send them.”   Ken Dick, president.

The first clinic day tomorrow will be a “first” for some of our team members and a “first in a long time” for others. It is an experience they will not soon forget. Being a part of providing a much-needed service to people who do not have access to regular medical care is life-changing. We can’t wait to hear from each of these team members about their experiences.