Wednesday in Dental

Clinic Day 3 saw our dentist as the most popular guy in the building.

As time goes on, the word spreads further and further throughout the nearby villages about our team’s visit. Wednesday we treated another 142 patients and our team is working like a well-oiled machine. Our 4 doctors see patient after patient and move them along to pharmacy to pick up their medications and vitamins. Our one dentist does extraction after extraction and tries to see as many patients as he can.

I had the privilege of assisting Dr Amir for most of the day and seeing first hand the difference he is making. Many patients come to see him because they have pain. Fillings are a temporary fix and not knowing when they may see a dentist again most patients agree with his suggestion to just have the offending tooth removed. Some of the teeth are so rotten that removal is not as simple as just pulling it out and I watched tooth after tooth crumble as the instrument grasped it. What follows is the gruelling task of making sure every single little piece is removed so nothing is left behind to cause an infection.

The result is that many people come to see the dentist and wait most or all of the day only to be told to “please come back tomorrow”. So we will see many return patients the next day with the card we gave them so they will go to the head of the line. Dr. Amir will do as much as he can for as many as he can and hope to alleviate some of the pain these people deal with every day. Once again we are reminded how important it is to get this clinic open more often.

If you can help, please donate to Haiti Clinic and make this possible.