What a Welcome in Parramos, Guatemala!

We had a great day in Parramos, Guatemala today. We drove from Antigua, along the winding roads, up the mountains to Loving Arms’ Centre of Hope. This is where the school is located. Upon arriving, we noticed the doors were closed which seemed odd for a school day. As we approached the school, the doors were flung open and all the school children were lined up on either side of the door to greet us. What a wonderful surprise. They were beautiful, in their blue and white and tartan uniforms and of course their huge smiles. High fiving us as we walked past.
The work could not have gone more smoothly. This is a great team! I sometimes feel as if I am standing still as I watch these guys buzz around me. The trench to the septic tank has been completely dug out and all the piping for the toilets is completed. We plan on cementing the floors tomorrow.
Simply amazing! God is so good!
We saw a puff of smoke from the overlooking volcano today, just reminding us how small we are and how big God is. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish tomorrow.
John F.